“Visually, the film is really good. There is a stylised, colourful quality to the setting and styling that is visually pleasing. The shots are well framed and make the short aesthetically engaging. The premise is interesting and the plot is gratifying, particularly the end which is revolutionary in such an understated way. The characters are quirky and likeable. The woman’s food order at the cinema, for example, and her reasons for coming to the town, are amusing and serve well to establish her character. The title is really good. It is different and immediately gets the audience’s attention. Soundtrack is used to good effect, for example particularly at the end when the man stands up in the cinema to contest the film. These various elements constitute the strength of this project. Under no circumstances would I change any of these. Nonetheless, there are a few points that need to be addressed, that possibly should have been handled differently. At times, the development of the story is a little slow and the viewer loses interest slightly. The part where the protagonist is relating his routine, for example, could be a bit shorter. Aspects of the film are quite hyperbolic or unrealistic, such as the protagonist’s great variety of emotions watching the films. If I had one quote that would summarize the project, it would be this: “A quirky revolution against a film ban gets underway in this amusing and visually rich short.”

– Oaxaca Film Festival