“An interesting look into the effects of a religious dictatorship and censorship and the loneliness that that may force upon individuals. A Town Called Theocracy is both poignant and entertaining. The tone of the film is undeniably dark yet the humour and humanistic overtones give it a charm that is tangible. This is achieved by a mixture of fantastic cinematography, a strong script and equally strong performances as well as a wonderful use of music. The conclusion is ambiguous but this leaves the audience with some thinking to do. The idea behind this film would be an intriguing concept for a feature film. Overall the film is strong and well put together, however it does feel as if more could be explored of the running time was longer. The indie feel that it has is reminiscent of films such as Burn After Reading or Running With Scissors and it achieves the same charm that these critically acclaimed films achieved.”

– Largo Film Festival